Two Bands for the Price of One!

Well, I must admit to it being an interesting experience listening back to the audio from Emma & Reese’s wedding from a few weeks ago. After flying in from Munich that morning at the end of a 2 week concert tour, I don’t have much recollection of the night – although I’m happy to say that it was all pleasant surprises when listening back!

Edoardo sounds great as always, and these recordings have had a fantastic effect on what was already a cooking rhythm section. It’s a pleasure working with musicians of Darren and Karl’s calibre on a weekly basis.

Uploading these two clips to soundcloud reminded me of a comment we received a number of years ago when working at a function for the Sydney University Law Society. Then Dean of the Faculty of Law, Professor Ron McCallum AO, well known for his work on the Board of Vision Australia and as the first blind person to be appointed as Dean in an Australian University Faculty, commented on the versatility of the band in swapping seamlessly from the early jazz sets into the funky groove outfit that had everyone dancing into the small hours of the morning. With the various ‘behind the scenes’ changes we all make in drum tuning, cymbal selection, acoustic-to-electric bass, synth-modules, sound system EQ, and stylistic approach, Professor McCallum said in his thanks to us that night that he couldn’t believe it was the same band in the later sets.

I’ll let you judge for yourself the truth of his words. Here are a couple of tracks from April 23rd @ the beautiful Belgenny Farm, Camden. A special thanks to 5 year old Monique for leading the dancing all night!

It Don’t Mean A Thing – Live @ Belgenny Farm
Vocal Sextet: Male Vocalist, Saxophone, Trumpet, Keyboard, Bass, Drums

Warning – the second track will most certainly get you grooving. This may cause embarrassment if at work or on public transport.

Signed Sealed + Superstition – Live @ Belgenny Farm
Vocal Sextet: Male Vocalist, Saxophone, Trumpet, Keyboard, Bass, Drums

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